Aye-Verb (37) Math Hoffa (29) Arsonal (27) Dot Mob (27) DNA (26) Cortez (23) Hitman Holla (23) Tsu Surf (23) Big T (21) Hollow Da Don (21) Loaded Lux (21) T-Rex (19) Unsigned Hype (18) K-Shine (17) Charlie Clips (16) Goodz (16) Okwerdz (15) Shotgun Suge (15) Calicoe (14) Don't Flop (14) Murda Mook (13) Rich Dolarz (13) Yung Ill (13) Conceited (12) Dizaster (12) Swave Sevah (12) Uno Lavoz (12) Head Ice (11) Rick Ross (11) Tech-9 (11) TheSaurus (11) Blockcity TV (10) Illmaculate (10) X-Factor (9) B Magic (8) E. Ness (8) Meek Mill (8) Midwest Miles (8) O-Red (8) QP (8) Tay-Roc (8) UnBias Review (8) Dirtbag Dan (7) J.C (7) Joe Budden (7) Kendrick Lamar (7) Big Ooh (6) Hash-100 (6) Jadakiss (6) MMG (6) Murk Luciano (6) Oshea (6) PH (6) Real Deal (6) Soul Khan (6) Young Kannon (6) A-Class (5) Apollo The Great (5) Bender (5) Big Sean (5) Common (5) Danny Myers (5) Dirt (5) Drake (5) John John Da Don (5) Jonny Storm (5) Lil Wayne (5) Movie (5) Ness Lee (5) No Coast (5) Nocando (5) Nym Dot (5) Philly Swain (5) Quest Mcody (5) Sonny Bamboo (5) URL Battle Rap Arena (5) WWE (5) poRICH (5) 24/7 (4) AHAT (4) Aftershock (4) Arcane (4) Big Kannon (4) Bill Collector (4) Charron (4) Chilla Jones (4) D Chamberz (4) D`Meitz (4) Heartless (4) Iron Solomon (4) Lady Luck (4) Loe Pesci (4) M.Ciddy (4) Madness (4) Pat Stay (4) QP(Qleen) (4) Rosenburg Raww (4) Rum Nitty (4) Styles P (4) Tyler The Creator (4) Young Jeezy (4) Young Stacks (4) 2Chainz (3) AngryFan (3) Anonymous (3) Bigg K (3) Brixx Belvedere (3) Curren$y (3) Documentary (3) Fabolous (3) Fatz (3) Jai (3) JayBlac1615 (3) KG The Poet (3) Kid Ink (3) Kid Twist (3) Knamelis (3) Lush-One (3) Mark Grist (3) Money Bagz (3) PL (3) Pete Rock Smif-N-Wessun (3) Proving Grounds (3) Queen of the Ring (3) Real Talk (3) Saigon (3) Sensa (3) Smoke DZA (3) Sno (3) Strange (3) Syd Vicious (3) Ty Law (3) Tyga (3) Wale (3) World News (3) XV (3) YFame (3) Ah Di Boom (2) Big Lou (2) Black Haze (2) Bones Brigante (2) Busta Rhymes (2) Cadalack Ron (2) Canibus (2) Caustic (2) Cory Gunz (2) Crooked I (2) Cruger (2) Cyssero (2) D-12 (2) Daylyt (2) Defron (2) Drect (2) Eminem (2) Everybody Knows (2) Forkfarm (2) Fred the Godson (2) Freddie Gibbs (2) Gammbit (2) HRSMN (2) Ha Double (2) Henry Bowers (2) Hindu Rock (2) Hollohan (2) Isaac Knox (2) J. Fox (2) Jay Rock (2) Jay-Z (2) Jean Grae (2) KOTD Fresh Coast (2) Lloyd Banks (2) Lotta Zay (2) McKims (2) Method Man (2) Mickey Factz (2) Mr. Biscuit (2) Mysonne (2) Nebula (2) Nicki Minaj (2) Nils m Skils (2) Nuborn (2) Organik (2) Osa (2) Oun-P (2) Passwurdz (2) QB (2) QOTR (2) Quilly Millz (2) Raekwon (2) Ransom (2) Red Cafe (2) RemyD (2) Rone (2) Royce Da 5'9 (2) Rugged (2) Sappa Gang (2) Sean Price (2) Sir J (2) Skelly (2) Sketch Menace (2) Slaughterhouse (2) Snoop Dogg (2) Soul (2) Spee Dolla (2) SyahBoy (2) T.I (2) Time Bomb (2) Trae The Truth (2) Tricky P (2) Trigaaah (2) UFF (2) Yelawolf (2) Young Gattas (2) 100 Bulletz (1) 360 (1) 9DM (1) AOW (1) Ab Hogish (1) Ace Hood (1) Adi Montenegro (1) Amazin D Boy (1) Andari (1) Animal House (1) Anubis (1) Anygma (1) Artisan (1) Authenic Piff (1) Bad Meets Evil (1) Big Boi (1) Big Cheese (1) Big K.R.I.T (1) Big Will (1) Black Ice Cartel (1) Black Milk (1) Blizzard (1) Boston All Star (1) Bravo (1) Brooklyn Carter (1) BulletProof Belv (1) Bun-B (1) CL (1) CM Punk (1) Cali (1) Carter Deems (1) Cash Eatin (1) Cassidy (1) Chad B (1) Chayna Ashley (1) Chedda Cheese (1) Chiddy Bang (1) Chris Brown (1) Cocky (1) Coloradorap (1) Conspiracy Theory (1) Conya Raw (1) CyHi The Prynce (1) D Money (1) D-Lor (1) DMX (1) Daley (1) Dallas (1) David Banner (1) Death Star (1) Deffinition (1) Dialect (1) Diaz (1) Diligent (1) Discography (1) Dom Kennedy (1) Don Trip (1) Double L (1) Dread (1) Dumbfoundead (1) E-Hart (1) Eurgh (1) Fli Fetti (1) Frank Ocean (1) Fredo (1) French Montana (1) Fresco (1) G Souldier (1) GA (1) Game (1) Gangstarr (1) Getcha (1) Ghostface Killah (1) Gillie Da Kid (1) Guilty Simpson (1) Guru (1) HFK (1) Haiti Da Poet (1) Hip-Hop Police (1) Ill Will (1) Illanoiz (1) J-Hood (1) J-Murk (1) J. 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Search O.O.W For Battlegraphys/Your Fav Battlers & etc.

O.O.W's TOP 63 Battle MC's (63-35) Pt.1

My name is O.O.W (my blog name anyway) I always wanted to do my Top 61 Battle MC's. I feel as if it actually may mean something if I actually make it a page on my website. What I am going to do is Post a name starting from #61 And I will post at least 2 Battles also to show why they are on my list. Now I am saying these MC's are MY PERSONAL favorites. I am NOT saying these are the BEST. These are just my favorites. Let's get it started.

NOTE This list is excluding Iron Solomon, Murda Mook,& Serius Jones. They are currently inactive until further notice therefore this list is only for the Currently Active. Loaded Lux has since announced he is out of retirement therefore I included him in the list. If the list consisted of Mook, Solomon, and Serius, Mook would be Number #1 for the sake that he got me into this battle rapping culture in the 1st place. Solomon would be #15, and Serius would be number #20.

This List shows #63-#35 if I try to post all of them on 1 page the page will take a decade to load and it will lag.

As you might of already seen I have been promoting D'Meitz on this site recently. I just posted his amazing battle in No Coast against Maniphest DestNE (or however he spells it). D'Meitz began filming his freestyles while he was over sees in Irag. He is a US Marine, and also a well dressed battle MC. His bars are very deep and he is a rising young talent that I do believe will get his recognition. He has had great battles, some unreleased (vs Carter Deems). And he has had battles where he needed to learn from (vs CL in WD2 KOTD) Overall we at O.O.W are big supporters of D'Meitz and are looking forward to see what this young man brings to the battle scene in the future, I will post some already great battles of his now.

Corey Charron is the youngiest KOTD member, and some do not like that, because they feel he is being babied by Organik. Fake internet girlfriends, and etc. make his traits of being a nerd, even more unlikeable to others. Love him or hate him Charron is an amazing rapper. Known for his classic rebuttals and his ability to freestyle against his opponent and generally beat them, Charron is becoming an MC that most will not be able to deny. He has defeated top notch competition and lost in very debatable battles, (vs Cruger). I hope you soon see why Charron has made my list.

Uno Lavoz is from Philadelphia, P.A. His style a battling rapping is as he would put it, "Bars Over Jokes". He generally doesn't rely on his bars but he has them. He is entertaining, and different, and regardless of weither you like him or not, he is battle rap. He has rapped in Grindtime and in KOTD, and he has a battle coming out in Don't Flop. His draft battle versus Stainless was one of the most hilarious and entertaining battles ever.    

Syd Vicious is got to be literally the most slept on rapper of all Grindtime. I literally do not hear anyone talk about him, but yet he seem to destroy all of his competition. He has crazy bars and killer word play. I haven't seen the battle with Ness Lee but every other battle besides John John Da Don, he ran through. He is now the GT ATL General Manager, but I hope to see Syd in more battles against competition that can actually beat him. He just called out Bender, so hopefully we'll see that battle go down at WD3. Syd came out with his heated battle against Heartless that had fans jaws dropped. O.O.W represents lyricism, wordplay and bars, and that is everything Syd Vicious represents. Check out his work.

Cocky is from the Jungle. Stockton CA. He is part of the group known as Food Chain, who also has Tall T and etc. Famous for his punchlines and metaphors, he does have a heavy following. I first saw Cocky against Nuborn, where he went crazy with the bars. I also enjoyed watching his classic battle with Heartless. Cocky in my opinion took both of these battles. He also recently just had a main event battle against Jungle legend Daylyt. Although he came under prepared (he didn't have enough bars for an unlimited round) his bars where still hot enough to tie with the monster with the tattoo on his face. I am putting 4 battles for Cocky, because I want people to enjoy his bars and his battle technique. He currently is trying to throw a campaign to get New jersey Legend Tsu Surf in the ring. Imagine That!

Hailing from Miami Florida. Technically he is Grindtime Now's Champion for the fact that he actually won the belt at Grizzlemania II. He was supposed to face Thesaurus but...yeah....this is one of the many reasons GT is beginning to suck. Its not Collide's fault though. HighCollide if I am not mistaken is 5-0, but in my opinion he should be 5-1 after taking an L in a promo battle against Madness at the 1st Grizzlemania. I won't show that battle on HighCollide's section though. The 1st battle is against the legendary Swave Sevah, and the 2nd battle is against the coked up Surgeon General for the Championship.

 Hailing from Atlanta. Syahboy brings swag to the battle rap scene. Me personally I might be the only one who thinks he beat Philly Swain in there recent battle. Reason? Bars. Philly Swain had the performance but Syah out barred him in my opinion. Thats the beautiful thing about battle rap. One person can feel a certain battler won, and another can feel the opponent won. Syah also is a former 106 & Park champion, and is best friends with John John Da Don. Syah mainly raps with Grindtime Atlanta but he has battled Juicezilla in the URL and caught a body in my opinion. "I wanted to ask you philly niggas a question for a long time i'm not hating, but why do ya always rap to a beat thats not playing?" I love that bar. Especially being from Philly it makes so much sense. 

Not much i can really say about Nils. I hope to see him do more battles in English. Unfortunately I have only seen his 2 on 2 battles with Shazaam. He is great at freestyling. Pure comedy bars, and when they battled against Dizaster & Okwerdz I felt as if Nils held the team up. His battle with Rone is being released shortly and I hope it will be a good one. I will come back to edit the page and post it on here. 1st battle is against Okwerdz & Dizaster. 2nd battle is against Cruger & Eurgh, and I posted a 3rd battle against Gasp & Depths. All of them are 2 on 2's with Shazaam. EDIT: His first 1 vs 1 against Rone was released recently by KOTD. Nils won in this debatable classic.

A-Class is from Baltimore, Maryland. He is also one of the most slept on Battle Rappers. He just defeated the undefeated Sonny Bamboo and in the process angered alot of GT heads. He will be battling my close friend Ness Lee to tour with Immortal Technique. He is another asian battle rapper but has created a lane of his own and is 100 times better than the infamous Jin. Enjoy watching some of his victories.

Troy Brown is from Baltimore MD and is another well slept on battle MC. I first honestly heard of Troy Brown when he battled Norm Bates a couple years ago on GT. Needless to say he won that battle and has been on a role ever since. My favorite Troy Brown battle is against Dirt. That battle could of went either way, but it was a crazy back and forth battle. Unfortunately I used it for Dirt's bio and Yroy Brown has other great battles so there is no need to recycle. Brown is also known for teaming with the young sensation Roosevelt. He has even teamed with Soul Khan in a 2 on 2 and stole the show. I would love to see a battle between Troy Brown and A-Class, on Grindtime (because they have battled before) and the winner faces Tay-Roc for King of Maryland. I would've added PG Skillet to that list, but Skillet got beat by a drunken Tay-Roc. Anyway I hope I can shd a little light on Troy Brown.

#53 DIRT
Its 10:41 at night, and I'm fuckin tired as ever! Dirt hails from the Upstate New York, area. Syracuse is the city he represents. Known for being a beast with multi syllabes, there are few to no rappers better than Dirt with the multis. He struggles with performance from time to time (which might explain his loss to Screem, even though it was pure robbery) but his lyricism makes up for it. Dirt has a great record in Grindtime and is one of my growing favorite battle MC's. See for yourself

Kid fucking twist. Lets just say this Kid doesn't really look like the average battle rapper. But that is because he isn't. This Canadian based battle MC is one of the 1st MC's to really embrace the battle rap, and bring a fanbase over to KOTD. Before KOTD he was in the WRC's in 07 parterned with poRich. The 1st battle I posted his his most recent. It debuted 9/15 against Australias own 360. Some say it was Kid Twists best performance. I also added his match up against Bartone, where he gains the championship.

PH aka Pumpkinhead is actually more well known on the underground hip hop scene than he is in battling. I first heard of PH on the Immortal Technique album The Revolutionary Vol. I like PH because he reminds me of Kool G Rap but in a battle rap type swag. (Yes I used that word) When he went at Dizaster and won, I became a fan of his work. He did the same thing against Dirt and Arcane. I think he only lost 1 legitimate battle and that was against the homie Dumbfoundead. PH is a true underground legend and he deserves all the respect in the world. He is also part of Swave Sevah's group called Team Homi along with Amzilla, Money Bagz, Billy Screem and Poison Pen.

I am truely running out of steam on the writing tip right now. I fuck with Jonny Storm heavy. He is a battle rapper that is regarded as the Top 5 currently by his fellow battling peers. I started fucking with Storm when I saw him in the Paid Dues competition battling people like Dizaster, Real Deal and Dirtbag Dan over beats and shit, and he won the entire competition. Slaughterhouse co-signed him as one of the best as well. Then I seen him pick apart TheSaurus and Dirt, and just go HAM in his battles like he's supposed too. He should be top tier soon, but unfortunately I don't feel he is considered top tier quite yet. Not based on skill, but popularity. He has what it takes to be the best in the game right now and hopefully he gets more invites to KOTD and Don't Flop to tear up the competition.

I avoided adding him long enough. The highly aggressive Harlem Native and Dot Mobb affiliate K-Shine caught my interest when he first battled Goodz in the Lions Den and beat Shotgun Suge in the URL. Most of his other battles are either draws or losses. I enjoy his performance, aand most of the time he is on point lyrically. I am sure he will have a bright future as a Dot Mobb member being trained by the best in the battle rap business Murda Mook and T-Rex. Here are some of his memorable bouts.

Mr. Half A Gallon Goodz from Bronx, NY. Some people may be wondering why I put him at the end of my list. Simple. I like 44 more battle rappers more than him. This isn't about skill levels. If it was, Goodz could not beat HighCollide. I'm just saying. Now I absolutely love the battle culture. So him being at this point on my list is not an insult. With that being said, Goodz is known for being a street battler. He supposively battled Cassidy and Jae Millz at some point of his career. The 2 battles I am going to post up are Goodz vs. Conceited where I personally think Goodz styled all over Conceited and won easily. Battle 2 is Goodz vs. Tech 9 where Goodz won closely.

Cortez is one of the only Hispanic battle rappers in any league right now. Representing Brooklyn (Murder Ave) NYB alongside Amth Hoffa and Hollow Da Don, Cortez is also another MC who is slept on. I believe Cortez is a top tier battle MC was has defeated legends like Soul Khan, X-Factor, Marvwon, Thesaurus, got robbed against Head Ice and put on a classic bout against Hitman Holla. Some say Hitman Holla vs Cortez is the best SMACK/URL battle of all time. I will provide you with 3 of Cortez's classic performances and you decide for yourself whether he is top tier or not.

Qleen Paper aka QP hails from Detroit Michigan. He is known for being URL Proving Grounds poster child. He put on a classic match against B Magic which in my opinion was URL's top 3 battles this year. He has great charisma and lyricism. He currently is advancing in the URL ranks by facing Tay-Roc in URL's upcoming event in Detroit. He also has been featured on Grindtime Now. The 1st battle is his classic URL Proving Ground match up vs. B Magic. And the 2nd battle is his Grindtime Now Battle vs. Diligent.

John John Da Don is from Atlanta and is also from New york. I personally told JJDD this yesterday over twitter, that I slept on JJDD. I should of been wide awake. He is probalbly the next big thing to come to battle rap. I doubt by this time next year he will be #42. I think he will be top 10 before 2012. I saw his battle with T Money Bagz and I wish I could show it to ya, but you will have to wait for the actual footage to drop from the battle. Grindtime Now and releasing the footage of these battles fast so that OTBVA, doesn't mess up the views. With that being said back to John John. I am posting up his rematch battle with Lotta Zay, the 2nd battle is against Half Past 7 and is a battle JJDD promoted personally. I posted a 3rd battle for JJDD and its his URL debut vs. B Magic. They only had 1 week preparation and its 1 Round Unlimited. I just added his battle against Money bagz, this is clearly both of there best battle ever.

Money Bagz represents L.O.M and Team Homi, and is from New York City. This weekend I decided to watch something other than his battle with John John. I saw him embarrass my boy Brixx, which kind of pissed me off. Then I saw him kill Cadalack Ron and Double/Deuce. He just released a one round unlimited battle where he rapped for damn near 11 minutes and I was entertained and I wasn't bored for one second. He has great performance, and great lines. Now I can truly say that Money Bagz might be top tier by mid-2012. He will be the guy to beat, he has only been beaten twice. Enjoy watching Money Bagz and understand why he is on my list.

 Arcane is someone who should of been on the original list. Unfortunately he wasn't. This isn't a list of who is the best, its who are my personal favorites and why. With that being said Arcane is one of the most hated battle MC's in the verbal sport. He plays the heel position that he created for himself very well. His "true story" tactics, whether true or not has gotten him a title and won him the Grand prix beating out worthy opponents such as Loe Pesci and Charron. He beat Thesaurus for the title and he put on a classic with Bender but ultimately lost his title. He deserves to be mentioned and maybe he will be on my list soon. I always rooted for the villains.

#41 DNA
 The most unlikely looking person to battle. DNA is definitely skilled. I would call him one of the top bar for bar MC's in battle rap to date. He has surpassed criticism and became a fan favorite. He first got his shine from Grindtime and he crossed over to Smack/URL. One of the best off the top freestylers as well, some say his freestyles are better than his writtens. He is known for his missing tooth, and handing a defeat to T-Rex. Mr. Get Em The Fuck Outta Here!

#40 O-RED
It was told to me by Charlie Clips over the phone. Clips said that if O-Red never choked against Swave Sevah, he would be one of URL's top battle rappers. Now he is supposed to battle Aye-Verb at Motor City Mayhem on December the 3rd in Detroit. It will be a One Round Unlimited. If O-Red wins that battle then he can quickly be a top tier MC. Obviously he is the most lyrical MC from New Jersey. Arsonal and Tsu Surf have more notriety than him, but neither are as lyrical. O-Red vs Rosenburg Raww might be the biggest body O-Red caught in his career. O-Red only lost 2 battles and tied one against Tay-Roc.

Sketch Menace is the current King Of the Dot Champion. Lyrically he is one of the best in Canada and probalbly one of the best period. His record his 10-0-1. Yeah I know, what does that mean, He lost to Dirtbag Dan in Overtime, so they don't count that as a direct loss. I first watched Sketch in his 2 on 2 versus Illmaculate & Thesaurus. He held his own but that match isn;t what made me a believer. It was his match against Bender. I went into that match being bias, and literally it felt like Sketch's closer was one of the best of all time. That battle is in my top 10 and it is lyrical.

Sonny Bamboo is what I call the total package. He has flow, delivery, lyricism, stage presence, performance, and when he is in his bag, nobody's fucking with him. I first seen him against West Coast Legend Nocando and after his first 2 bars after him being "Afrocentric" I was sold. In my opinion he was robbed against A-Class, but hey, maybe he didn't want to face his best friend Ness Lee. Sonny is musically, just as talented. Known as the Leprechaun Don he is one of the best doing it and I hope to see more battles from him in the near future. He also does alot for Grindtime behind the scenes. He is the MidWest President and he is currently running his division like a champ, while traveling to other divisions and making sure everything is handled like a pro. One of my favorite battlers period.

Brixx Belvedere is from Rochester NY and is a member of the group S.O.N.S which is ran by Conceited and J. Fox. He has had classic battles in Grindtimes DMV division and I feel that he has the best delivery in the S.O.N.S group. Obviously he is known for his clever punchlines, that I like to call sleeper bars. Alot of his lines you will get later on, and be like "Whoa" His battle with John John Da Don was a classic match up and made me like Brixx. If everything stays on track, Brixx will have his big break against Tsu Surf on December the 3rd, when BlockCity takes on The Jungle. I hope Brixx gets his recognition. Besides Conceited and QP, Brixx is the best in his crew and performance wise, he is better than all the S.O.N.S. Let me show you why I feel Brixx is a sleeper battler himself.

ICE! (in Head Ice voice). I first completely hated this guy. I did not give him a chance, I told people that he was the worst battle rapper of all time. Wow, did I make a mistake or what? It is rumored that Head Ice went undefeated in Fight Klub. It thats true or not, MTV needs to release all of the Fight Klub footage because from what I heard there are some serious classics, they are holding on too. Ice brings a style to battle rap, and if you don't have a good attention span, then you won't like him. His battle against Double O was crazy and one of the best performances I've seen from a battle rapper period, let alone Head Ice. I do not think he beat Cortez or Quest Mcody but he has won his other bouts. See for yourself.

#35 QP
QP is one of the best wordplay rappers of all time. Along with Yung Ill and Big T. Everything he says needs to be repeated or else it just goes right over your head. A part of the legendary battle crew S.O.N.S made up of Conceited, Heartless, Brixx Belvy, Luciano Crakk, and of course QP, he makes sure each battle has nothing but witty bars and explosive metaphors. Till this day I think he tied up with Soul Khan. Only thing he lacks is energy but other than that this MC would be killing battle rappers everywhere when he puts his best into it. Plus this guy has 2 great looking baby mothers by his side. QP is a great guy in person and recently he started his own league called The Syrup League where he gets top tier battle rappers to face up and coming no namers for the chance of either glory, or a body bag on camera. Check out some of QP's best battles.

This is all I can fit on one page. From K-Shine to QP this is O.O.W's Countdown of O.O.W TOP FAVORITE 63 BATTLE MC's (63-35). Every battle rapper has O.O.W's favorite battles from that individual along with written commentary. I hope this can help give exposure and light to some MC's who deserve that credit. It isn't easy to be a battle rapper. Alot of scrutiny, alot of writing, alot of hatred, you are expected to be perfect with each bar. There is no 2nd takes, everything is recorded in front of a live audience. Eminem (aka B Rabbit) threw up. Donovan McNabb threw up in the huddle of the Superbowl. Pressure bust pipes but yet battle rap is full of nothing but skill, scrutiny, respect and pressure. I doubt Lil Wayne could get on stage and do what Hollow Da Don could do. These guys deserve your credit, recognition and most importantly, your respect. They have mine, they have a website that is fully dedicated to bringing more exposure and more attention to Battle MC's. And I will continue to do so. So thank you to All Battle MC's, and the leagues, and the sponsors for continuing to do this sport, and for continuing to keep Hip-Hop alive.

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